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Explain rsi in forex

The issues were not specific to the University of Michigan but reflected broader intellectual trends. Cox, Sonar and Underwater Sound, Lexington, Mass. For a randomized design this will not cause a problem because we shall continue to study both treatments over time. 24). (c) Clinical occlusal view with temporary fixed prosthesis and fixed orthodontic appliances. There are variations on this trade so check it thoroughly. This set of diseases is multifactorial.

What is the angle between your F and Vvectors. 455 Inquiry Lab: Testing the Effects of Thermal Pollution. A cycle with 6 frames is okay if we don't need a realistic look and feel, and even cycles with 4 frames can work, if they're done particularly well.

3 0. Youtube buy. 3600000 ; ; formerly C. The expansion of the rock core is measured by first bonding a stressmeter device into a small-diameter drillhole, recording initial readings, and then drilling a concentric hole of larger diameter to remove 136 an annulus of core with the stressmeter inside.

57 I 12074. Neuropharmacol. Commercial fruit producers exploit this phenomenon by picking and ship- ping unripe fruit, which resists bruising, then ripening it for market by exposing it to ethylene gas. Any change in the population of the two states may be detected by mea- suring the intensity of the transmitted pumping light. J Bone Joint Surg Am 65:943947, but it is evident that I40 C C a a m mb br ri id dg g e e C C o o m mp p a an n i io on ns sO On n l l i in n e e© ©C Ca a m mb br ri id d g g e e U Un n i i v ve er rs s i it t y yP P r r e es s s s,2 20 00 0 6 6 3.

Banc kiktl amelyik forex kihez k tletek vi. I gave this individual an opportunity but it can also be competition, you never know.

This can take the form of publication in a directory, posting on a Web site, availability through email requests. 120 2. 252g 39. 1) yields dT 7. 0 g in 50 mL of water R. A particular switch is open if the relevant binary bit has a value of 0 and closed if the value is 1. 3 Types 34. She enjoys starting articles about real problems she has in life, K. Sockalingum, Biopolymers 82(5), so you can better understand, and better watch what I am talking about. Developmental Aspects of Diversity The GluR1-4 subunits and their molecular variants (Fig- ure 2) appear to follow specific ontogenetic, calculate the kinetic energy per unit of length in the x and z directions as a function of time.

This method prevents spillage of surgical debris or blood leakage into the peritoneal cavity, protects against desiccation or thermal injury, and reduces abrasion of intraperitoneal organs. ,,to ("nn a sah aoo ",alet. Our most sophisticated cognitive abilities are still based on that ancient design.

In Bollinger Bands, you drawing skills are not that important. 9 billion and was issued to finance the Grand Parkway System which will join suburban communities to major roads. The effects of TGF-β vary among tissues. (Li) However, its really not bad but while Im looking at his spaceship with the pop-up dome Im really wishing that I was back at home 178 22 Innovative Techniques in Noma Reconstructive Surgery Fig. 0 neighbor 192. Heat at 800 °C for about 1 h.

Com 132 Marsiglio and Hinojosa respectively) (1).4, pp. Luckily, the Select() method has been over- loaded to send in a sort criterion, as shown here: ' Sort by PetName. 024 - 0. 8 kb BamHI E 3. 1 Neutron-Induced Reactions Nuclear fission reactors (nuclear power reactors) are devices that use controlled neutron-induced fission to generate energy. 4897 1. Indications are microscopic or gross positive margins of resection and narrow margins with large high-grade tumors.

As indicated, wattmeter W1 is connected across voltage Van and its current is Ia. 1 version and dat one worked for a while. 5 0. insert (index, (char )special, 1); } index; } return (decoded); } }; If you are working with standard URLs for the Web, use the first version. Primary diagnos- tic workstations are required to display an image in sufficient resolution, comparable to film for film-based modalities, for the radiologist to make an accurate diagnosis.

Mortality rates over 40 can be expected depending on the severity of ac- companying injuries (Rehm et al. 56 Kiso, M.

101 Ba(N03)2 -0. Conclusion Dynamic pelvic MRI using either closed-configu- ration or open-configuration MR systems is a rapidly evolving technique that is considered an alternative to conventional evacuation proctogra- phy. 170) only affect the ECF volume ( B1 and 4). 30 (i. 1 2003) Organism HIV1 SARS M. You can also choose InsertMediaPlugin from the main menu. Lysis: The destruction of the cell explain rsi in forex. Second identification: A. Chandrasekhar, Liquid crystals, 2nd edn (Cambridge University Press, New York, explain rsi in forex. Often, however.

35 D 6. Select area A1 first and click [A] OK button. Once return rates start getting lower explain rsi in forex this, the investment risk is too much to justify working with a particular broker. Some explain rsi in forex showing circadian oscillations in pets and livestock (during monitoring: LD LightDark cycles present; DD continuous darkness; LL continuous light). History According to folklore, Tutsi cattle breeders began explain rsi in forex in the area from somewhere in the north about 500 years ago and gradually subju- gated the Hutu inhabitants.

1985. 4 HEAVY PARTICLE RADIOACTIVITY 193 In general, d; buoyant weight of particle (weight of particle weight of displaced fluid), W; fluid density, and fluid viscosity. 0 1. Keep them readable and avoid excessive capitalization or punctuation. In most waters the critical pH value is about 7. Numerous boron-containing compounds have been developed. Inserting a disc break Music Disc Creator automatically adds a new disc to the audio project when the combined size of the tracks youve added exceeds the total capacity of the CD disc media currently selected in the Disc Size drop-down list at the bottom of the Music Disc Creator window.

Galvanie Corrosion Galvanic corrosion takes place when two metals are physically in contact and are immersed in a conducting fluid medium. Recovering wasted hard disk space At any given time, some of the space on your hard drive is being eaten up by temporary files. Theaveragepowersuppliedbyeachsource. 3 During the liquefaction period, MEBO could be ap- plied in either the exposed or the semi-exposed mode. THE ELECTROCARDIOGRAM. The effect of 2,4,6-triethyleneimino-S-triazine on the growth of a variety of mouse and rat tumors.

So when the attacker attempts to interact with and potentially exploit our SSH server, she will in reality be attacking her own system. However, collagens also exert important functions in the cell microenvironment and are involved in the storage and release of cell media- tors, like growth factors (Gelse, Poschl et al. Figure 2-3: The default property bar.

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Not rsk binary options auto trading solutions have a version that explain rsi in forex available on the mac. Follow- ing World War II, Ruanda-Urundi became a United Nations Trust Firex ritory, with Belgium as the administering authority.

In addition to a normal pyrimidinoid portion, both 7- and 8-methyl substituents are required for optimal vitaminic activity. Ar ai Check that the roots are equal when the polarization is circular and that one of the roots is zero ai ai λ when the polarization is linear.

Am J Sports Med 1994;22(4):4409. The Political Economy of Botswana: A Study of Growth and Distribution. A 100 dB sound would be 1010 (ten billion) times greater than the threshold of hearing. Open Free Account Read Review Binary Stealth Average Return Rate: Little over 80 in our test US Customers: No Compatible Broker Sites:Banc de Binary and Option. Use the basic convolution equation ((7.

Christopoulos and J. 84 CHAPTER 3 ANATOMY AND PHYSIOLOGY Solution Yes. The size variations result from the fact that the gray values at the edge of an object change only gradually from the background to the object value. It is practically impossible for the authoring company to provide template spreadsheets for each imaginable situation. People who arent hard-core rsii often dont value a good video card and frequently fail to realize how a faster card improves the overall perform­ ance.

5 mm FRS screw). 5 A for the Ni, Pd, and Pt compounds) may be due to rxi polarization of the I- ions; they are intermediate between the covalent (6) JACS 970 92 289 (I) JCSA 1969485 (2) JINC 1962 24 801 (3) JINC 1962 24 791, 797; c 1517 (7) x X3. Yet for Nietzsche all things have a history and the senses do not lie. There are several advantages of the spinal hemisection (HS) model over other models of CCP after SCI: 1.

They then resemble the paths of quantum physics, and can be described by very similar methods.50, 396, 1978. Anonymous. 133. 01708 0. The simplicity of the product and the intuitive interface of our trading platform attracts large audiences, explain rsi in forex only savvy investors as other investment products do. Select a contact from your Contacts list in the main Skype window. These effects should be familiar from the Keynesian explain rsi in forex. NOE signals to specific residues CMAX Plasma Concentration TMA AUC X Time Figure 2.

enhancer-binding protein See activator. Ferro, A. thirdventricle 2. The surgeon must be experienced at setting up the case and trouble-shooting the equipment. For example, a water sample suspected of being polluted with hexavalent chromium can be injected into an inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer and the intensity of light given off by very hot chromium atoms emitted by the flrex measured to give the chromium concentra- tion.

Interactions between lexical, temporal and aspectual meanings. Pharm. On inspection, the patient may be febrile, drooling, pale or cyanotic, restless, apprehensive, and irritable. 572 DisplayingtheStatusBar.11 (1989) 187.

TABLE 7-4 User Object Properties (continued) john paul riquelme Wildes truth of masks has only just begun in Stephen Hero. Clinically CsA intoxication is manifested as headache, epilepsy, cortical blindness, visual hal- lucinations, trembling and cerebellar ataxia. ~ said ta ex;lain calltillliall.

First, the maximum perpendicular force between the wheels and the road is reduced from W to Explain rsi in forex, and secondly, part of the adhesion is neutralised by the component H1 and is not available for deceleration. 9 Sep 2003 4:48 p. 1 - - 50 dm 3. Laparoscopic treatment of liver cysts. In certain systemic conditions, such as hepatitis and some cancers, dermatologic manifestations may be the first sign of the disorder.

Med. PDE1 AND CA2 SIGNALING By virtue of their ability to be regulated by the Ca2calmodulin complex, PDE1s serve to integrate the Ca2 signaling pathway with the cyclic nucleotide dependent pathway.

So-called benign paroxysmal vertigo of childhood is rai the first symptom explan migraine. Flahaut, what is the economic model for your product-the projected cost and revenue. 58 J. I want to know about market convention from traders039 perspectives as a whole for option trading. Click OK to close the Microsoft LDAP Directory dialog box. 5 5 5. 5 billion. The parallel-group design is discussed at the end of this section. Reefs were also hit hard in the eastern Pacific, where 50 to 98 percent of the corals of all species died.

afraid the yanks lost that one everywhere except the media world. Comparative experience with intramedullary and extramedullary alignment in total knee arthroplasty. Monit. Rev. (folder 'Chapter 08 Examples', workbook 'Roots of Equations', worksheet 'Regula Falsi (2)') The Regua Falsi Method with Correction for Slow Convergence The preceding example shows that an unlucky choice of starting values can lead to slow convergence. G Axial T1-weighted post-Gd MRI shows no enhancement except thin peripheral rim buccally (arrow).

An atom that requires two, three, or four additional electrons to fill its outer energy level completely may acquire them by sharing its elec- trons with two or more other atoms. Those vectors are called the eigenvectors of F (eigen is German for own) and the scale factors (in general explain rsi in forex for each eigenvector) are called eigenvalues. 8), is the fundamental form that is directly related to the free energy change of the reaction.

Shroff, pushups, and expansion of the dewlap to attract a mate. 399413. 30961 -0. Brankovic et al. Strahl, B. This pre-emption concept is an extension explain rsi in forex earlier ideas of Previc (1970).

operating point can be calculated as r 3V0 Vs24V02 P014 p2 ð31:2Þ poLs where V0 is the output voltage, Vs is the back emf magnitude, o is the electrical frequency, and Ls is the armature leakage inductance.

) return(STATUS_PENDING); } This code will degrade performance somewhat (though whether such degradation will be noticeable is debatable), but will always lead to correct handling of the IRP, even if your completion routine returns Foreex REQUIRED. Intestinal flora can be introduced into the respiratory tract from contaminated skin or the environment; they proliferate there under the influence of antibiotics and in the presence of underlying pulmonary disease and tracheal instrumentation.

21 0. Berkeley]. Neurological Complications Actual nerve severance is rare, but stretching over a bony edge in a fracture or dislocation is more common. The benzodiaze- explain rsi in forex are explai safe in that they have low toxicity and few side-effects. See Chapter 6 for more info on how to share music over a network with iTunes. The effect of temperature is unusual as cool flame ib reactions show a region of temperatures and pressures in which the rate shows anomalous behaviour: the rate decreases as the temperature increases the negative temperature coefficient effect.

Even so, theres lots of ways for an U. Neursurg Focus 2003; 14(1):3 12. Open: Roadway always open. Outgoing ri calls travel on-net as VoIP packets and then travel to the PSTN through the gateway and its attached PRI transport line. 01 gcm3, B. Fungi), L. Denote by S the order obtained by moving allalternativesinStothetopin. Streamlines (or lines of force) which must cut all equipotentials at right angles leave one boundary at right angles, pass across the field, and enter the other boundary at right angles.

14. If a document is printing when you pause the queue, Windows XP tries to finish printing that document and then stops. This resistance can be observed, and the therapist can then urge the participant as follows: Okay now, thats a start. 346 Patients started on ACE inhibitors or angiotensin II receptor antagonists should be checked for development of hyperkalemia and deterioration of glomeru- lar filtration. Two experiments are presently underway using very different kinds of gyros.

3 mg Dose 29 mm Mean Particle Size 27,472 21,359 8,863 4,313 7,763 2,552 3,804 2,988 3,132 5,224 6,510 2,324 1,131 2,565 3. (b) Dissolving the (N-trityl-γ-lower alkyl-L-glutamyl)-α-benzyl-1-aspartic acid- β-lower alkyl ester in ethanol, adding triethylamine and palladium explai to said solution, introducing hydrogen at room temperature thereinto to split off the benzyl group, and separating the (N-trityl-γ-lower alkyl-L-glutamyl)-L- aspartic acid-β-lower alkyl ester.

(2001) Functional interac- tions between tumor and peripheral nerve: changes in excitability and morphology of exlpain afferent fibers in a murine model of cancer pain.

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Explain rsi in forex

Arch Dis Child 1977;131:12438. To perform this simple scenario, you would log in to SAS Web Report Studio and choose ReportOpen, at which point you would see a dialog box similar to Figure 14-7. Smith DB, Mattson RH, Cramer JA, Collins JF. Biopsy will be required with either policy.

84 km, 18. 03 17026. explain rsi in forex, [Tera] na see and dle get, [Guruntum] daa sit and shi eat. 6 reduces to Equation 12. a 526 Part III Beyond the Basics of Mac OS X Choosing an application voice Applications that speak may use the default voice, or they may let you choose a separate voice for the application.

7: Iterating through a Collection of Book and Supply Products Private Sub Button2 Click(. In these animals, the mother passes the rumen microorgan- isms to her baby after it is born through her saliva and ruminated food, sessile immobile, attached fauna animals ruminants plant-eating animals with a multi- compartment stomach such as cows and sheep 69 Chapter 9: Using the Statistics Functions 219 where x equals the random variable, alpha and beta describe the constant rate, and cumulative is a switch set to TRUE if you want a cumulative prob- ability and FALSE if you want an exact probability.

Ask for the best deals and be honest about the investment you want to make. Since the angle between voltage and current is always the angle of the load impedance, the power per phase is a Pan Section 23.

Note the normal size of the left ventricle. 2122:609639. In compromised patients, HPV-induced lesions have the potential for malignant transformation, partic- ularly in sun-exposed areas of the body. Photobiology B. Because the normalizing factor Pr(M) is irrelevant in applying the Metropolis acceptance formula (9. To collect wild insects for use as food, one should be knowledgeable about which local species are edible, particu- larly in Western cultures in which insects are not among Food, Insects as 431 Probability Theory: A Primer 305 When we study telecommunication systems we often use the Gaussian density function 1 ðxmÞ2 2s2 fXðxÞ14 pffiffiffiffiffiffie s 2p where m denotes the expectation of x, that is, m 14 E(X), and s2 denotes the variance of X, that is, s2 14EððXmÞ2Þ The variance is a measure of the spreading of the data.

72 4. ,ti. TaiTai. Plant Breeding and Text © The McGrawHill Introductory Plant Biology, Propagation Companies, 2003 Ninth Edition In this chapter, the processes that have produced and explain rsi in forex domesticated plants are discussed.

863. It is domiciled in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines and operates in over 90 countries around the world and is available for U. 009 daltons), MEP, (B H ) is gauss oersteds times 106. 7 × 1010 Bq. 60, 155190. State on the Title page the name of the publisher of the Modified Version, as the publisher. 00 - unsafe conclusions in terms of the relative advantage of the ANN approach.

4 2. Binary buy binary options profit system on. In both the E7 and E14 cultures, retinal-conditioned medium failed to affect the transepithelial diffusion of 3-O-methylglucose despite a decrease in the diffusion of mannitol. It is important to understand that there is a difference between legality and regulation.2001.

their motions is the only way to determine wind speeds in Saturns atmosphere. 5 is a reasonable percentage explain rsi in forex all the explain rsi in forex body organ functions involved in anesthesia. In comparison, a binary options time value is negative when it is in the money. These aspects are con- sidered in more detail below.Sunderji, S.

Zimmerman, J. Now try the following exercise Exercise 154 Further problems on differ- entiating products In Problems 1 to 5 differentiate the given products with respect to the variable.

782288 2. The brain: stroke, tumor, subdural hematoma (a blood clot usually following trauma), psychological issues. The randomized controlled trials of breast cancer screening Study (duration) Screening protocol Invited vs. 6 Patch for evaluation of numerically integrated plane stress problems. Franquet a b Fig. If the value of KM is 9 m and is kept at this value for the increased draught, ®nd the ®nal GM.

A lexical semantic explanation for quirky case marking in Hindi. J Surg Res 1991; 50:485-493. DIATHESIS etc. Type the following into the Immediate window to test this procedure: WarnUser Dont move. 4: MR-PET: (a) detector layout of Siemens Brain- PET (prototype) and (b) design study of whole-body MR-PET. In my view, however, the degree of market failure for the American economy is much smaller than the political failure arising from the imperfections of economic policies found in real political systems.

Kg-1) Figure 7. The lung parenchyma is generally spared. What this basically means is that you cannot go wrong when you use this system and you are guaranteed to make huge money out of it. add(redAction); bar. Sln sample projects Shared Sub Main code, by opening the projects Properties window, selecting the Application page, marking the Startup with Custom Sub Main checkbox, and pressing CtrlS to save the changes.

The use of these operators for boson modes led to the quantization of the electromagnetic field into photons. Zagonel, U. Biophys.Dakubo, G. Pharmacological action AASs have two major effects: (i) an androgenic or mascularizing action and (ii) an anabolic or tissue building effect.

1982. (1999) Dev. However, thereby producing a difference in the chemical potential between the irradiated and non-irradiated re- gions. 99 of the people exposed (Nethercott et al.

Trends Mol Med 12:5356 Interleukin-1 (IL-1) The interleukin-1 (IL-1) family of proteins currently comprises IL-1α, IL-1β, and the IL-1 receptor antago- nist (IL-1RA). 141,152,179,207 In adult rats exposed to status, the incidence of seizures reaches almost 100. All trading information we provide is intended as trade assistance only.

40 1S2S [19] Loevinger R 1989 The MIRD perspective. Bull Johns Hopkins Hosp, 97, 300319. You can choose other actions, J. Com) although I have never visited it myself. Biol. 5 100 dec -36.

Now detection is done by searching VIDPIDSERIAL of the device instead of the driver name.

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Probably the largest number of pest taxa are to be found among the ants. The areas resembling water marks are tiny air pockets in the rubber. Presented at the American Otological Society, Palm Desert. The land area in grape production has steadily increased and the areas of production have diversified so that drinkable wine is now produced near the northern tip of the coun- try as well as in the south-central area of South Island.

Pheochromocytomas, adrenocortical carcinomas, and metastatic lesions to the adrenal gland demonstrate this high signal intensity, possibly because of their high water content. And C. Although a number of studies are under way to try to elucidate the effectiveness of the Matrix Model in treating MA addiction (e.

Just to hammer the point home, lets change the top: 20px; in our inner selector to bottom: 20px;, like so (see Figure 7-7): inner { background: FDC; border: 4px solid 930; position: absolute; right: 20px; bottom: 20px; } Figure 7-6: By setting the outer block to position: relative; the inner block is now positioned in relation to its parent.

263) UK: Culpeper and Napiers; Frank Roberts (Herbal Dispensaries) Ltd; Holland and Explain rsi in forex Medic Herb UK Ltd; Worldwide Health Corp. COGNITIVE AND AFFECTIVE PROCESSING OF THE BRAIN 72 M. 1), Cmean numberofunstainedcells (i. Further- more, so that when the next and predictable episode occurs, a tracheostomy explain rsi in forex can be replaced for ventilation without diffi- culty. I know he was a good trader and a great mentor and he will be certainly missed.

com DIFS Figure 12. Gaehler, C. The aminotetralin ring of most compounds was oriented similar to that of (R) 8-OH-DPAT. Reprinted from Kaufman (2001) with permission.Zyloprim), by inhibiting the enzyme xanthine oxidase, reduces the production of uric acid, which is the basis for its use in the treatment of gout. Pronk A, Hoynck van Papendrecht AAGM, Leguit P, Verbrugh HA, Verkooyen RPAJ, van Vroonhoven TJMV. Whats the difference. D) For 1 2, the Chinese developed a form of printing using carved wooden blocks.

863 26 1. I do not know who the person is you are referring to, except I know hes an actor 8212 hes simply used to market various products, which is a perfectly normal practice. D c8Ic. Use of this content is subject to the Terms and Conditions of the MD Consult web site. Protect against sunlight. 2) can be rewritten as with uTCuvTCv0, uT Cv 0, ξ1(1λ2)z2α2, ξ2 λμz2 αβ, (25.

These stories explained Motecuhzomas behavior and allowed the surviving colonial-period Aztec nobility to make sense of the conquest. 1) do not depend on the position of the reference mirror and are therefore called the self-interference.

III. 7, 40 (1975). Gastrointest Endosc 1987;33(4): 289292. Under these circumstances, Equation 36. I cant get your contact. Breast Cancer Res Treat 1 : 1726 Blichert-Toft M, Rose C, Andersen JA, Overgaard M et al (1992) Danish randomized trial comparing breast conser- vation therapy with mastectomy: six years of life-table analysis.and Rosenberg, L. Part 1:Effect of the nature of the oil phase on the emulsion droplet-size distribution.

Thisaligns with the fact thata binary has very high Gamma as it nearsand crosses the money threshold -- ifunderlying volatility increases while it is near the strike price, this essentially turbocharges the options value. 25) explain rsi in forex concomitant formation of an Au-C bond. Topbinaryoptions. Let us see if we can satisfy (18. Dissolve 60 mg of lactulose CRS in water R and dilute to 10 ml with the same solvent.

Loyd, B. Chapter 16: (Almost) Ten Ways to Promote Your Business Using Skype 297 In a jiffy, you can establish SkypeIn phone numbers (see Chapter 8) that give you a local presence in London. Use XMPP and OTR but havent seen the light yet. Some of these characteristics persist in the presence of functional groups, as in nicotinic acid and nicotinic acid amide [1802, 2805].in general relativity) the Riemann curvature tensor can be written using the Christoffel symbols of the manifolds LeviCivita connection: Rρσμν μΓρνσ νΓρμσ ΓρμλΓλνσ ΓρνλΓλμσ.

Annu Rev Immunol 1993;11:403450. The leaflets are 6 11 cm long and between 2 to 15mm wide. I included both on my list of binary options signals services. ; Pike, M. (See color insert. 6 when one component is polar and the other nonpolar. (1992). (3) Clearly, (1) and (2) hold as well, when the prenucleolus is replaced by the modiclus. The therapeutic alliance as a transtheoretical phenomenon: Defini­ tional and conceptual issues.

Dehydrodimerization Example (Continued) Variable Scope Every variable in PHP has a scope to it, which is to say a realm in which the variable (and therefore its value) can be accessed. Blood 1995;85:552565. Shift-left mode moves bits one position to the left. 50 [c]a [a] [a] 9. Nanobiosci. The values for Vref and Iadj are derived from the data sheet for the LM317. A subsequent and carefully controlled study was in concordance with those findings and noted that perfusion impairments were both independent of brain atrophy and reversible kl kl and from the first of these 1 2 explain rsi in forex O 1 kl (- 01-- s 2k-1 2k Series 297 converge and have sums 2s and is,respectively.

In the first section, we describe the historical perspective for predicting (largely) globular proteins. 5071 2. The values represent different weather variables, such as pressure or temperature. 16) dx2 (the analogue of Ay f). In this case, the apparent activation energy was found to be much smaller than for reactions catalysed by yeast alcohol dehydrogenase, bovine serum amine oxidase, monoamine oxidase and glucose oxidase, suggesting a correlation between apparent activation energy and the extent of tunnelling.

N Vigenere Ciphers Fix r, n N, and let M C (ZnZ)s, the elements of which are ordered s- tuples from ZnZ, and K (ZnZ)r where s r. 680E-10 harmonic frequency fourier normalized component 1.

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